School Day

School Day:

The school is open each day between 8.40 am - 3.30 pm Monday to Thursday, 8.40 am - 2 pm on Friday.

School Lunch Times:

Mon-Thurs    YR & Y6          12.15 - 1.25pm

                       Y1 & Y3          12.30 - 1.40pm

                      Y2,Y4 &Y5       12.40 - 1.50pm

Friday           YR & Y6            12.00-1.00pm

                      Y1 & Y3             12.15 - 1.15pm

                      Y2,Y4 & Y5        12.30 -1.30pm


Absence and Punctuality

If your child is absent from school for any reason it is essential that you inform us first by telephone followed by a letter on their return. All unauthorised absences must be recorded and reported. If you have a problem concerning your child's attendance you may contact our school attendance officer (Tel. 01732 842355). Please make sure that your child arrives punctually for school. All incidents of lateness are recorded. If you are unavoidably late please report in the first instance to the school office.

Please click here to see our Attendance & Punctuality Policy

Please be prompt




Offham Primary School
Church Road, Offham,
West Malling, Kent ME19 5NX

Telephone: 01732 842355
Fax: 01732 875133