Our Values

Everything we learn and teach at Offham is strongly underpinned by five core values; Respect, Responsibility, Collaboration, Resilience and Compassion.

We strongly believe that, by embedding these values into everything our pupils learn, experience and aspire to become, we are fully equipping them to be well-rounded individuals who will lead our society forward.


  • In every aspect of our pupil's day we encourage them to show Respect. 
  • Our children show self-respect by conducting themselves in a calm, considered and purposeful manner, on and off site, in lesson and during non-structured activities.
  • Respect for others is seen in the way our children speak to one another; with interest, politeness, tolerance and understanding and behave towards adults and other children; holding doors, waiting patiently, being helpful.
  • Our children demonstrate respect for the learning environment when they look after their classrooms and corridors, being careful with resources and looking after their own belongings.
  • We teach our children to show respect through positive role modelling, praise and positive reinforcement and specific personal social and emotional development teaching sessions. 


  • We believe it is of the utmost import that our children understand the responsibility they have, now and in the future, to look after the world around them. We are therefore working towards our Green Flag Eco School's status.
  • We encourage our children to consider future sustainability by recycling and composting on a daily basis and working hard to cut down on energy consumption.
  • We have begun a programme whereby our pupils are growing their own food for the kitchen in our raised planters and allotment plots and are raising their own chickens for eggs.
  • We are continuously reviewing and considering our school travel plan to encourage children to think about their ways in which they journey to school can have a positive impact upon the environment. 
  • Our school Eco council work purposefully together to ensure that we are always forward planning and thinking.


  • In order to solve future problems, we firmly believe that our pupils will need to develop core skills to enable them to work together with others effectively.
  • Our lessons and taught units of work are all structured to foster and promote numerous opportunities for pupils to collaborate. This can be collaboration and problem solving within activities, peer and group assessment opportunities or through specific team building exercises.
  • As a school we are also committed to collaboration and partnership. We currently work with four other local primary school to quality assure teaching and learning experiences, build and develop teacher and leadership capacity and ensure the best outcomes for our pupils.


  • Just as we teach and establish the classroom structures for learning to read we can do the same for building and supporting resilience, a proactive skill in all our students. When the teachers at our school establish resilient classrooms they support memorable experiences for children and higher academic achievement.
  • We encourage children to develop an ethos of never giving up and never giving in, part of learning to be resilient is learning that mistakes are a purposeful tool for learning and a positive experience to work through.
  • Our children are always encouraged to aim higher and higher. We believe that children will persist in problem solving if we support that persistence. Children become more confident in their skills when we convey to them, through positive nurturing and encouragement, that they are capable and up to the challenge.
  • Part of learning to be resilient is also recognising that there will also be times when things get tough. We are committed at promoting positive mental health and well-being at Offham and therefore, through our PSHE, nurture and wellbeing schemes, we also aim to help our children develop the capacity to work through difficult times.


  • We live in a wonderful world made up of many different people with different beliefs, values, appearances, life situations and abilities. We believe that it is important all our children develop an appreciation and respect for the diverse society in which we live, showing care and compassion for others around them.
  • Strong PSHE (personal, social and health education) teaching and timely intervention support ensures that, alongside our firm behaviour and anti-bullying policies, we promote and uphold the positive value of compassion across the school.
  • Our wonderful inclusion team at Offham have developed a strong teaching and nurture programme to help develop friendships and tolerance at Offham. This includes the use of peer mentors (friendship friends) and buddies for our new children.
  • We have developed several nurture and wellbeing areas in our school, including our animal care courtyard and our sensory room. We use these places, alongside our specialist teaching assistants and play therapist, to help children to talk about and work through difficult times and experiences.


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